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  • While we were looking for Natural, Additive-Free and Healthy products for ourselves, we said why not such products for our 'Dear Friends'? Everything started with this idea. First of all, we brought together the products that our 'Cute Friends' love the most, with rigorous research and observation. We have prepared these delicious and delicious snacks as 100% 'Additive-Free and Natural', because our friends deserve a healthier life. The easiest way to say "I Love You" to our dear friends... This product has Food Safety Management ISO 2200: 2018, Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO GMP Good Manufacturing Practices certificates.
  • Analysis Table: Protein: 17.31%, Fat: 9.66%, Crude Cellulose: 4.15%, Crude Ash: 1.54%, Moisture: 11.09%
  • It does not contain Additives-Flavor-Sugar-Salt. Does Not Contain Preservatives. Thanks to its 100% Turkish Made, locked special packaging, it keeps the biscuits fresh and facilitates the storage conditions.
  • Suitable for all Races. Puppies, adults and dogs over 7 years old can consume.
  • Package Contents: 1 Piece of 80gr Lamb Meat. Our products have been produced with the permission of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock dated 07.06.2021 and numbered aTR-0700123.

100% Additive-Free and Natural Real Lamb Meat Bone Biscuit Dog Treats

SKU: 0001
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